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For our younger students we offer a program designed to teach your child effective self defense in a fun, yet discipline focused environment.

We believe in teaching our youth students more than flashy moves that don’t work in the real world and build a false sense of security. Mirrored after our Teen & Adult Program, our youth students focus on effective training that will result in your child being confident in knowing what they train in works!  

At Boxer’s Rebellion Martial Arts, your child will gain:

  • Inner Confidence & Self-Esteem That Will Make Them Strong Against Bullying

  • Learned Discipline & Respect In Dealing With Themselves, Adults, Peers and Life

  • Improved Focus And Goal Setting

  • An Active Physical Outlet That Promotes Increased Coordination, Flexibility And ​Improved Overall Fitness That Will Set Them Up For A Healthy Life

  • A Solid Knowledge Of Effective Self-Defense

* Our Youth Program is designed for children ages 9-12, however we recognized that everyone is different and will evaluate younger students on a case by case basis.

**For those youth too young or not quite ready for a full fledged martial arts program we offer our Little Lions ages 4-7 class that will teach martial arts basics, tumbling, discipline and etiquette. This class will include obstacle courses, games and other fun activities to keep the younger students engaged.

Want to learn more about our youth program? Please visit our contact page to send us an email, msg us on FaceBook or give us a call.

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