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At BRMA we pride ourselves in combining traditional martial arts with modern scientific training methods to increase student retention and applicable familiarity.


As part of our self-defense training, you will gain:


Physical Gains:

  • An Active Physical Outlet That Promotes Improved Overall Fitness

  • Increased Stamina

  • Greater Flexibility

  • Faster and More Efficient Reflexes / Responses

  • Increased Coordination


Mental Gains:

  • Learned Self-Discipline

  • Outlet For Stress Relief

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Improved Focus & Inner Calm

  • Increased Drive And Goal Setting


Our program is taught in the tradition of the two separate lineages that share a commonality in that they have both been field tested and proven effective. Two of Sifu Paul’s primary instructors, Vinson Holck (20 years on the Tucson Police SWAT team and military hand to hand) and Tony Puyot (20 years as a Police Detective in Southern California) are lifelong martial arts masters who refined their training in their day to day jobs.  This invaluable experience is the foundation for our proven method of instruction that focuses on a simple and direct 3 level approach to training:


  1. Core Basics – We start everyone off learning core principles, movement, obtaining a proficiency with striking and controlling the situation through close quarter's grappling

  2. Supplementary Skills –  Build upon your basics and supplement in Wrestling/Throwing Skills,  Chin Na Controlling and Ground Fighting

  3. Advanced Learning – Advanced theory and application, including classical training forms.

*All training incorporates realistic partner application drills and sparring. While many schools specialize in the sport or aesthetic aspect of the martial arts, we are a school of self-defense first and foremost.  It is our view that by focusing on the self defense aspect, we are returning to the roots of why martial arts were developed.

Want to learn more about our program? Please visit our contact page to send us an email, msg us on FaceBook or give us a call.

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