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Welcome to the Boxer's Rebellion Martial Arts

With over 10 years of teaching martial arts in Tucson, Arizona, the Boxer's Rebellion Martial Arts (BRMA) is Tucson's premier choice for those looking to learn highly effective self-defense founded on traditional fighting styles. Our proven method of instruction focuses on a simple and direct 3 level approach to training:


  1. Core Basics – We start everyone off learning the fundamentals like basic techniques and movement, sparring survival, stopping an opponent's progression and attacks, and most importantly... learning to train safely.

  2. Supplementary Skills –  Expanding upon the basics with close quarter grappling and traditional weapon combat training.

  3. Advanced Learning – Advanced theory and application, including classical training forms.

While we prefer a modern, without borders approach to training, we focus on the following traditional martial arts.

  • Tanglang Quan (Mantis Boxing) Kung Fu - Originating in ancient China, Kung Fu is often considered the grandfather of many modern fighting styles. Tanglang Quan specifically is one of the earliest verifiable examples of the thought process behind modern mixed martial arts. By combining the most effective techniques & principles of many northern Chinese boxing schools, the system creates a multi-dimensional take on fighting. Building around highly agile footwork, Mantis Boxing combines 7 Star striking (Striking with the entire body: Head, Shoulders, Elbows, Fists, Hips, Knees & Shin/Foot) with misdirection and limb trapping to close the distance to an opponent and finish with a throw or joint lock (Chin Na). *Because of the great emphasis on practicality, free fighting (Sanda/SanShou) is a major component of training.

  • Jujitsu - Known as the "Gentle Art" Jujitsu is the grappling art that originated in ancient feudal Japan as a means of dealing with armored opponents and has remained a staple of fighting in modern times, often considered one of the main pillars of modern mixed martial arts. While known as the "Gentle Art" this has nothing to do with being gentle on attackers, but rather on the practitioner, as Jujitsu focuses the grappling side of fighting (throwing, take-downs, leg sweeps, pins, holds, and submissions (joint locks and chokes/strangulation)) vs. dealing with an attacker through forceful striking. 

  • Traditional Weapon Combat - A combination of practical stick (Short & Pole), knife and rope/chain combat based on Historical European Weapon Fighting & Traditional Asian Martial Arts Weapon Fighting.

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